Great Features of Sanwa Plus VFFS machines

All the machines are custom-built to meet individual customers’ needs.
  • Suitable items for packaging: For instance, most products (individually-packed items/powdery items) can be packed.
  • Variety of film choices: You can use several laminated films, mono-layer PE films, etc.
  • Varies size film bags: From small pouches to bulk bags- you name it.
  • Sanwa Plus’s optimal and reliable VFFS system: For realizing the most efficient manufacturing, its innovative mechanism and integrated servo-driven structure function stably.
  • To make the utmost satisfying packaging possible: The optimal design maximizes the features, and the advanced structure enables a stable operation.
  • Custom-built VFFS to pursue users’ ideal manufacturing: It is adaptable in any environment, including chilled or frozen facilities, within the realms of possibility.
  • The simple, safe, and reliable structure increases the operability of both automated and manual functions.
  • Space-conscious dimension: The installation space is carefully examined for the most convenient layout.
  • The excellent durability will satisfy users expecting consistent long-term performance.
  • Sanwa VFFS keeps up with manufacturers’ new needs and repeats continuous upgrades.