3-side seal


There are no seals on the back like pillow bags and these bags are sealed on three of the four sides of the bags.
Three sides of the bag are sealed and from the location of the seals resembling the Japanese katakana character "コ (ko)", it is also called "konoji sampo shiiru (ko character 3-side seal bags)".
Designs can be printed on the entire side of both the front and the back of the bag and can also be easily opened sideways with the fingers.
However, by sealing three sides, the capacity (expansion) of the bag will be less in comparison to the pillow bag.


Cut ham, Beef jerky, Cooking spice, Rice seasoning powder, Powdered soup, Dried seaweed,
Dried bonito shavings, Sesames, Nuts, Candies, Gum, Rice crackers, Tea leaves,
Crushed ice, Agricultural chemicals, Bathing powder, Pet food, etc.