Pillow Gusset


Gussets are folds in the bag that allows it to expand.
A Pillow gusset bag is flat bag (pillow bag) with gussets on both sides.
Having gussets in the bag allows the inside of the bag to be much larger.
Depending on the products to package, it can stand (by itself) and the width can be lessened (making the bag tall) allowing a variety of products to be made.
In sales areas with limited display space, multiple slim, tall bags can be lined up for display.


Sausage, Frozen foods, Fried chicken, Shredded cheese, Vegetables (green pappers, taros, etc.),
Cut vegetables, Bean sprouts, Roasted sesames, Dried bonito shavings,
Snacks, Nuts, Candies, Rice crackers, Biscuits, Cereals, Coffee,
Rice, Macaroni, Rice noodles, Tea leaves, Crushed ice, Powder, Seeds and saplings,
Pet food, Metal Parts, etc.