Pillow (Flat bag)


This is the most standard type of bag. It’s called a “Pillow Bag”.
The bag’s top, bottom and back are sealed.
This is the simplest method for automatic packaging made from roll film and creases are less likely to appear in the seal. Print designs are also simple and it is a package that can be used in a wide range of applications
Pillow is the same as the pillow on a bed.
It is a natural bag that easy to package like a pillow.


Sausage, Frozen foods, Fried chicken, Shredded cheese, Vegetables (green papper, taros, etc.),
Cut vegetables, Bean sprouts, Roasted sesames, Dried bonito shavings,
Snacks, Nuts, Candies, Rice crackers, Biscuits, Cereals,
Rice, Macaroni, Rice noodles, Tea leaves, Crushed ice, Powder, Seeds and saplings,
Pet food, Metal Parts, etc.