Direct loaded type


This is a scale equipped with a weighing hopper where vibration is applied to a linear plate trough and the products upon it move forward a little at a time until they fall down at the edge.
When the desired weight has been reached, the vibration on the trough will stop and the products will no longer fall down. Multiple troughs can be connected (3, 4, etc.) to increase the capacity.
The structure is simple and easy to use but it is intended more for granular items and individual packages that are small and if used for products that are individually heavy, it will always surpass the desired weight and worsen the yield rate.

About feeder type

This is a supply form where a simple connection shelf is used and a scale, etc., is placed directly on the top of the main body of the packaging machine, in respect to the mount type where the “independent stage” in installed and a weighing machine, or other feeder device is placed on the top.

Naturally, in most cases, relatively small scale (feeder type scale and horizontal lined type combination scale) can be directly placed on the top. However, since it is unnecessary to install a large-scale stage, the layout can be compact.