Red-letter : Developed items

1953 Mr. Ichiro Takagaki, Founder of the Company, established Sanwa Automatic Machinery Company in Higashi-Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan.
The Company designed and manufactured mainly automatic machines for pharmaceuticals, as well as other automatic processing machines, and automatic assembling machines.
1961 Sanwa Automatic Machinery was transformed into a company limited by shares.
1964 The Company moved to Settsu City, Osaka, (the present location), to allow for a factory expansion.
1965 WF-700 with consecutive tubes. It received high acclaim as an epoch-making machine.
1972 The Tokyo Liaison Office was opened in Asagaya, Suginami-ku, Tokyo.
1973 The Company won “The prize for development of an automatic machine” for small and medium-sized enterprises at the 4th session of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry.
The Tokyo Liaison Office was transformed into the Sales Office.
1976 WF-400 for vertical form 4 side seal bag.. It has adapted to the diversification of the shape of bags.
WF-200 all mechanism type. It received high acclaim as a machine with good durability and high performance adapting to energy conservation.
1979 WF-400 has been improved to all mechanism type.
1988 WF‐341C・WF-345C with zipper and multipurpose type.
WF‐900 for small pylamid pouch.
1989 The Tokyo Sales Office moved to its present address (Hatcchobori, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo).
WF‐220 equipped with servo motor.
1990 Mr. Ichiro Takagaki, President of the Company, was decorated in recognition of his outstanding service to the development of the packaging machinery industry. In the course of his work in the industry over many years, Mr. Takagaki held important posts in a number of trade associations.
1991 The Torikai factory was constructed at Torikai-Honmachi, Settsu City, Osaka, in order to expand production capacity.
1995 The Takatsuki factory was constructed at Otsuka-Cho, Takatsuki- City, Osaka.
1996 Mr. Hiroshi Kojima took the post of President.
The Torikai factory was closed.
2001 WF-2220SK equipped with four-axis servo motor, with tape banding device.
WF-9010 for small bag, equipped with servo motor.
2002 WF-2700CN with device that attaches zipper.
WF-5000 low cost type.
2003 WF-5100B for learge bag.
2004 The machine for block bottom gusset bag, with heme seal.
2005 WF-3520CN for zipper bag, equipped with servo motor.
The machine for coffee, with valve.
2011 The 50th year of establishment.
2014 The Kumamoto Office was opened in Hagiwara-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto.
2016 The Tokai Office was opened in Morimoto, Ichinomiya, Aichi.
The Hiroshima Office was opened in Saijyo-cho,Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima.
2017 Changed our company name to SANWA PLUS LTD.
2018 The Morioka Office was opened in Morioka-city Iwate.